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More Than a Letter Madalyon

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Kabartmalı çiçeklerden oluşan, dilediğiniz renk seçeneklerine göre özel olarak da üretebileceğimiz harf kolye.

14 K Gold

Diamond: 0.03 ct (F-G/ VS-SI)

Dilediğiniz harf ve mine rengini yukarıdan seçebilir, listede olmayan mine renkleri için bize ulaşabilirsiniz.

Siparişinizi içinize sinecek şekilde oluşturmak, detaylar üzerinde konuşabilmek için adresine mail atabilirsiniz.

Additional information

Mine Rengi

Beyaz, Bordo, Koyu Yeşil, Siyah


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Maintenance Guide

Making jewellery is an art. It really takes a lot of effort to prepare valuable and high-quality products. For this reason, the higher the quality of the materials used in production, the longer your jewellery will be with you and you can pass it on to your loved ones for generations. Of course we are very happy when we have new orders, but we have a request from you. Take care of them as good as we do. That's why we've determined a few steps. (Well, maybe more than few steps.) Follow these steps, we guarantee you will maintain the perfect shine. Perfect care for perfect shine.

How Should We Store?

Always store your jewelry separately in your box so they won't get scratched or tangled. Particular care should be taken to the products with gemstones. You can also hang your chains so that they do not get tangled. 

How Should We Clean It?

You can clean your jewelry with the polishing cloth that comes out of your Larissa orders. This cloth helps to maintain its shine. Do not wash the cloth.

Is there anything I should keep away from my jewelry?

Your jewelry may lose their shine over time due to chemicals in perfume, hair spray, make-up, acetone, body oils, sunscreen and deodorant. In addition, our jewelry can be sensitive to chlorine, which can lead to fading in color. Do not swim with your jewelry, do not shower and remove rings while washing your hands for perfect jewelry care.